Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions

Welcome to stonebjelk.com!

On this website we share information to you about our company and invite you to place orders in our webshop.

By viewing, browsing or in any other way using this website you confirm that you accept these terms and conditions and that you comply with them.

If using our webshop you furthermore confirm that you have the age that is legally required in your place of residence and that you also have the legal knowledge and competence to enter into legally binding contracts when placing orders.

In case you do not agree to these terms and conditions, including our privacy policy, then we kindly ask you to leave this site. If you still continue to use our site we will consider it as unauthorized access. 

We recommend that you print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.

The information on this site (such as photos, specifications, logos, graphics, designs, texts and other material) is owned by StoneBjelk AB. Copyright and intellectual property rights protect it. Any other logos, company names and trademarks available on this site are the property of its respective owners. Any use of this information such as copying, sending or storing other than for your own private, non-commercial use is prohibited.


Our webshop is powered by shopify. 

Since the products we sell on the webshop are customized, we use prepayment as the only payment method and production will start first after the order has been placed and full payment has been received.

Lead time to dispatch of delivery is expected to be between one and two months. As soon as the dispatch date can be estimated it will be communicated in an order confirmation to the buyers email address.

We ship our products worldwide. Delivery time varies from country to country. Shipping cost is included free of charge for all orders with delivery address in Sweden. For deliveries outside of Sweden shipping cost will be added before checkout. 

VAT is included for all orders with delivery address in Sweden. For export deliveries the prices are exclusive of VAT and it is the obligation of the buyer to pay VAT, customs charges and any other fees applicable according to the laws at the place of residence.

Due to the digital format of pictures on the homepage we cannot guarantee that the pictures are reflecting the products in every detail. We also reserve the right to make changes in our website content without prior notice. However, on already placed orders we will follow the specifications and other information that was available at the date of the order. 

Transportation damages

If a package is damaged at arrival, you should report it immediately to the shipping company and take photos as proof of evidence. Please send a description of the damages including the photos and contact name/email/phone number with the shipping company to info@stonebjelk.com and we will handle it.

If you have opened the package and found damages on the speaker you should report it to StoneBjelk AB with a description and photos of the damage by sending it to info@stonebjelk.com

Due to the fact that our products are customized in every order we cannot accept any returns caused by regretting the order. The reason for this is that the products cannot be sold again to any other customer.

In case a return shipment shall be made to StoneBjelk AB due to damages it is mandatory that the original packaging material is used and that the products are packaged exactly the same way as original. Otherwise StoneBjelk AB cannot be held responsible for any damages arising from either the outward shipping or the return shipping. Stonebjelk AB will send a waybill to be used on the package.

After receiving the return shipment to Stonebjelk AB’s premises we will analyze the damages and the description with the photos. Depending of the outcome of this analysis, if the return is approved we will either repair the product or send a similar replacement unit.

Please be aware that our speakers are sensitive pieces of art that must always be handled with utmost care to avoid damages.

Force Majeure

If StoneBjelk AB fails to fulfill it’s obligations due to unusual circumstances outside of it’s control such as strikes, war or natural catastrophes then StoneBjelk AB cannot be held responsible.

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